Stick Wars Wiki

Welcome to the Editing Guidelines for the wiki. Our community and this resource in specific has almost been around for 10 full years, and since then we've seen plenty of misinformation spread on the wiki. Hence, we felt as the staff it would be most useful to have some guidelines for our fellow editors to follow. So before you edit too terribly much, please check this page out and refer to it later if you want to help us out in the future.


This wiki is an English-speaking community. However, unlike pretty much any other Stick War related wiki, we rely on US English. When writing an article, "colour" (UK English spelling) should be written as color, "armour" is armor, "programme" is program, "centre" is center, and so on.

But if you do slip up on this rule, don't worry. Language discrepancies between UK and US spellings are accidental, and we all make an oopsiith to things like that. A staff member or another user will just silently fix that later, no questions asked or anything. Punishing people for using their native accents would be ridiculous.

Since it's an English speaking wiki, the staff and the community would rather you not use any other language here. You can still view and comment here, but please leave the editing for the rest of the fanbase.


Images need to be on the topic of the article and require at least an acceptable (100+ pixels) in order to be put onto the we find a better version of the image is found, we will replace it without warning.


If you think someone else is wrong for correcting your edit, communicate with them, rather than fighting them in an all-out edit war. That will simply end with no side winning, both sides frustrated and a severe waste of time and effort on something that could be avoided.

There is a template for reserving pages that you are currently editing, but if you use it, please remember to take it off when you leave.

If you want to edit another person's correction try to look it in first.

Spelling & Grammar

Try to use your very best grammar and spelling mechanics here. But again, we understand some mistakes here or there. Just try to not make it too burdening for the staff to fix.


For pre-existing pages, do not ADD categories. However, for creating new pages, use a basic layout of:

Category:Units, Category:*Empire the unit appears in*, Category: *Games the unit appears in*, Category: Stick War series