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General Information

The Stick War series is a universe set in medieval ages on a little continent called Inamorta, where empires of stick figures are pitted against one another to the death in a series of real-time strategy battles. War is the art of the century, and all forces are brought into the exchange of sword, arrows, and blood. Entire legions are devoured by the flames, men are broken, and statues are left to dust. Only one empire- one of truth and knowledge as their basis- can find their way through the carnage. Their name is the 'Order'.

The series has been split between many medias; through games, commentary, shorts, and merchandise, creating a universe that was never before seen by the StickPage community.

Wiki Information

Our wiki, as stated above, carries 147 articles on the Stick War series and it's various properties. In addition to this, we have had 4,518 edits to the website, and we were founded on September 29, 2010 at 8:48 PM.

As of the Stick War community's knowledge, we are the oldest Stick War wiki to date.

Affiliated Wikis & Sources
  • Stick Empires RTS Wiki - Our idol; used for plenty of SE information and inspiration. We hope to make them one of our allies in the near future.




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