Stick Wars Wiki

The Stick War wiki Discord is a Discord Server for the Stick War wiki. the primary focus is Stick War and the betterment of the wiki. Here you can check out all the roles and rules for the server


Name Given to
Bureaucrat Wiki Bureaucrat
Admin Wiki Admins
Wiki Moderators Wiki Moderators (doesnt matter which type)
Wiki Rollbacks Wiki Rollbacks
Active Editors Editors who are still active and have at least 5 edits per week
Active Discord People who are still active on discord and have sent 1 pages of messages per week



  • Rules- general rules
  • Server-member-feed- shows all members that join or leave

Wiki Topic

  • Wiki General- can be used to talk about the wiki
  • Artwork- can be used to showcase and discuss art and images
  • Strategies- Can be used to discuss about strategies if any game so that it can be added to the wiki
  • Game-Suggestions- can be used to discuss about updates and upcoming games in the series
  • Requests- Come to ask for something to be added to a page on the wiki, whether it be a certain section, or an entire template.
  • Bug-report- any bug found in the stick war series can be reported here
  • Conceptions-and-Fanon- discuss about any Fanon ideas here

Off Topic

  • General- Basic channel, can be used to talk about anything unless it breaks the rules


  • Bot-Commands- Bot commands can be executed here

Voice Channels

  • General- General voice channel
  • Game room 1- can be used to talk while playing any game
  • Game room 2- Incase game room 1 is occupied


0 tolerance rules (0 tolerance rule breaking will result in an immediate and permanent ban)
 -NSFW or illegal content of any kind is not permitted on the server. This applies to nicknames, images and profile pictures. Do not make any inappropriate remarks
 -Publication of others' or your own personal information is not permitted. Moderators may be more lenient (no immediate ban) when enforcing this rule in the latter case.
 -Membership to the server is not granted to those under 13 years of age, as required by the Discord Terms of Service (but if you dont talk about age we wont enforce this rule).
other rules
  -Content must be posted in the appropriate channel for its type, for example bot commands must be issued in the bot-commands channel
  -Pinging or DMing moderators or admins is only to be done when reporting a violation of the server rules, or a loophole in the rules. Do not ask to become a moderator (the admins themselves will let you know that you can be promoted into moderator) or waste the time of staff.
  - Do not partake in religious or political discussions, as it is likely to cause unrest between people.
  -Hate speech, racism, sexism, harassment and other discriminatory language is not permitted.
  -Do not spam any text channels. This includes spamming reactions and emojis, as well as linespitting (splitting a sentence into excessive amounts of one-word messages).
  -Maintain a respectful tone and do not scream or yell when speaking in voice channels.
Most Important rules
  - Use your brain
  - Have fun!