The Supranova Archers are characters in Kill the Spartan. Appearing identical in purpose to the Archidon, these units fire arrows upon their target.

They are possibly followers of the 'Way of the Bow'.

Battlefield Abilities Edit

Strengths (Kill the Spartan) Edit

Supranova Archers are well with their aim, hitting a moving target once every approximately two shots. When the Spearton was weakened by the Archers' fellow army and vulnerable without his armor, the Supranova Archers were able to quickly pick off the powerful unit.

Weaknesses (Kill the Spartan) Edit

Supranova Archers cannot pierce the armor of a Spearton, nor could they have likely eliminated the Spearton without the aid of three other Supranova units.

Appearance Edit

Kill the Spartan Edit

Supranova Archers are bluish gray stickmen that oddly come ill-prepared for combat, unlike their Order counterparts. Without a quiver, the Supranova Archers could not have held more than two to three arrows at a time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Equipment Edit

Bow Edit

Supranova Archers carry a bow almost identical to the bow appearing with the Archidon, though now in color rather than in the simplistic black of the original Stick War.

Notes Edit

  • Supranova Archers are one of three different unit types in the Supranova group.
  • Three of these Supranova Archers appear within the Kill the Spartan segment, and all three survive.
  • There have been no canon on-screen deaths of a Supranova Archer.