The Supranova Spearmen are characters in Kill the Spartan.

They are possibly followers of the 'Way of the Spear'.

Battlefield Abilities Edit

The Supranova Spearmen are relatively weak, and without a secondary weapon like the Spearton's sword, were outmatched from the start.

For being unarmored, however, they still used a variety of moves in-combat. The Spearton was almost equal-matched by these characters in skill, though with more armor and weaponry at his disposal.

Both of the two Supranova Spearmen sent out to kill the Spearton were slain, but this left time for the Supranova Archers to fire upon the Spearton and defeat him.

Appearance Edit

The Supranova Spearmen are greyish blue stick figures wielding a black rodded spear. Unlike the Spearton, this spear is the Supranova Spearman's only weapon.

Notes Edit

  • In combination with the Supranova Xiphos User, these three units carry out a similar purpose to that of the Spearton.
  • In total, the Supranova Spearmen make up 2/6 of the Supranova group that attacked the Spearton.
  • The Supranova Spearmen make up 2/3 of the deaths the Supranova group sustained while attacking the Spearton.