The Swordwrath's swords are no match for your basic clubs.

– Narrator, Stick War

Swordwrath is an empire in the Stick War series. Originally founded in Inamorta, the country was named after it's primary militia, Swordwrath. Swordwrath is another aggressive nation that attacked the Order because of their reliance on peace and knowledge.


Stick War

Swordwrath was one of the countries to continually attack the Order Empire, seeing their vulnerability. However, the Order then went on a revenge conquest, in which Swordwrath was it's second planned stop.

A Swordwrath of the Swordwrath country.

Attack the Swordwrath

Swordwrath's Statue in Stick War

Order miners reached Swordwrath after the conquering of Archidonis, in which battle initiated. Although the Swordwrath of their nation were powerful, the Order eventually got the upper hand and destroyed their statue. The Swordwrath were forced to flee their homeland, and similar to the Archidonis, ran for the hills.

Swordwrath Counter

Later, Swordwrath's remaining forces attempt to regain their land by sending their entire force towards the Order after their victory over the Speartons. Order prepares their forces, fending off the large sum of Swordwrath and defeating Swordwrath once again.

Free Pertland

Once again, however, some members of the nation pull through, deciding to form a coalition with the failing Archidonis. The new-formed coalition then takes over the neutral land of Pertland. Through the conquest of the Order, their ranks stop to free the citizens of Pertland, eliminating the coalition between the two countries.

Last Stand

Small fragments of what was left from the Swordwrath country team up with all other countries to destroy the Order in the final battle,but failed.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Swordwrath Statue in Stick War II: Order Empire, Became Order's statue when chaos waged war against Order

After their defeat in the original game,the Swordwrath empire wanted their vengence.After a few years the Swordwrath nation had become stronger than they were before.

Some of the Swordwrath leaders fled to train and they became stronger and smarter than before,this new race is called the Shadowrath.

Silent Assasins: Ninjas Declare War

During Orders second campaign,The Swordwrath nation was the third nation attacked by Order,despite the Shadowrath and stiff resistance,Order destroyed their statue and the remaining troops fled for the hills.

Rebels United

The remaining Swordwrath/Shadowrath army teamed up with the rest of the rebelions to crush the Order empire.But Order once again destroyed their statue.

Massive Battle

The remenants of the Swordwrath army,along with the other rebelions,teamed up with order to stop Medusa and her evil army


Miner - Worker

Basic economy unit in the Swordwrath Empire, mines gold and prays for mana.

Swordwrath - Basic Melee

Basic melee infantry.

Shadowrath - Scout/Assassin

Fast ninja able to cause damage that stacks up to 5 times, also able to cloak, assassinate, and poison the enemy.


  • The Swordwrath of this nation brandish the LV. 2 upgraded swords during the events of Stick War.
  • Swordwrath, as a country, is often confused for a similarly-named unit.
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