Train units to attack the country of archidon.

– Narrator, Stick War

The War Begins is the first stage in Stick War. This stage depicts the Order Empire during the beginning of their military conquest, initiating conflict with Archidonis.

History Edit

Beginning as a tutorial stage for newcomers in the RTS genre, The War Begins opens to the conclusion of the Order's march to Archidonis, where both sides have met to participate in their own "divine intervention".

Quickly, the Order overtake the Archidonis due to their sheer number, destroying their statue and sending the remaining rebels for the hills.

Opposing Units Edit

Notes Edit

  • Different dialogues will be given by the Narrator depending on the outcome of the stage.
    • If the Player has won, the scroll will read "Congratulations the archidonis have been pushed out of their homeland and fled for the hills."
    • If the Player has been defeated, the tip box will be completely void of any text. This is likely due to the sheer unlikelihood that anyone would fail to complete this level successfully.
  • This stage marks the first battle involving the Order.
  • This stage introduces the Country of Archidon.
  • After the stage is successfully completed, the Order receives the Archidon as a recruited unit.
  • The War Begins is the most difficult stage to lose in the original Stick War, taking over ten minutes for a single Archidon to destroy your Statue.
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