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Greetings! I am AzureCeleste and I edit this wiki a lot and is online often. I am an administrator on the wiki. If you have any problem or need help you can message me and I will most likely be replying to it.

I like to play Stick War Legacy because it is my favorite Stick War game in the series because of the amount of content the game has compare to others. My favorite unit is the Spearton because of the cool design and special attacks it has like the headbutt. Stick Empires is another great game as you can choose from 3 different empires and fight against other players.

  • Depressed
  • Makes random strategies in Stick War Legacy and mostly works
  • Total noob in Roblox
  • Thank you for wasting your time from reading this profile, have a lovely day!

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  • Legomylegos
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