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I usually work with AsCoy. He's pretty epic, so check him out when you can.

SpodermanAlwaysCan is the adopter of the Stick War wiki, as well as one of the members of Project Revival. I do as much as I can to provide real information to support the wiki, and I have a deep care for the status of our community. I am a major contributor to the following pages:

Please contact me on my Message Wall for questions or concerns about the content on this wiki. If you are interested in a role here on the wiki, please fill out this google form. If you have a question about something you want answered and you can't reach me on my Message Wall, please email us at

In addition to this, I am the Discussions and Content Moderator for the Stick Empires Fan Stories Wiki, so contact me on there if you require additional assistance or a writing critique.

Personality/Likes/Dislikes/Everything else that I could think of

  • I'm a true OG, so even with its flaws, Stick War is still the best game in the series. No micro-transactions, no memberships that pack 2/3 of the game's content behind a paywall, no nothing. Simple is best.
  • That said, Stick War: Legacy is still epic.
  • I also have a partially unhealthy addiction to all of Transformers. Well, most transformers.
  • I'm (pretty sure) that I own the account with the most total edits on any stick figure medium. In total, I think I have 4,000ish edits to stick-related wikis, which means... I need a better hobby?
  • Very humble, obviously.
  • I have a history of writing really poor fanfictions on Stick War. Please don't dig them up. I mean, it's not like they're still on the internet or anything, right?
  • *nervous gulp*
  • Swordwrath > Spearton. Magikill > Everything.
  • Can't play Stick Empires at a solid FPS to save my life.
  • Did anybody else forget that Kill the Spartan exists? Anybody?
  • This wiki was made when I was five. 'Nough said.
  • Does anybody even read this?