Vin is a Crown of Inamorta contestant.


Vin appears to be a motorcycle racer with a blue helmet.

Battle skills

Vin is a medium difficulty contestant and is likely to be your second or third opponent.

He has a distinctive preference for spamming Swordwraths, often spending his early game training nothing else - not even Miners. Even in Deathmatch and Super Death Match, he will often train one or two higher-tier units, then spend much of his resources on a horde of Swordwrath. However, unlike later opponents such as Cyrus and Z4CK, he rarely attempts early rushes with them.


  • when he uses a spell he says "passing right on you zoooom"
  • when you get his statue down to half health he says"strategy games hurt my brain. I should stick to racing games
  • when you defeat him he says "if your not first your last."
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