Weekly Missions is a gamemode in stick War legacy in which the player has to complete missions that come every Friday, each mission combines various aspects from the previous gamemodes.

status: It has Arrived


This section is not finished, and will continuously go on.

Mission 1

Survive The wave of deads which will attack at sunrise

  • Enemy Units-30 deads and 1 supermassive dead.
  • Upgrade Points-0.

Mission 2

The Savage Tribes Of Inamorta are back

Mission 3

Survive the Ambush

Mission 4

Destroy the enemy statue

  • Gold Rush
  • Upgrade points-9.
  • Gifted Spells-none.

Mission 5

The Borderland Flame Feeders ambush

Mission 6

The Glacial Uprising is back

Mission 7

Your Ambush

  • Similar to classic macth but you have no statue.
  • Destroy the enemy statue before sunset.

Mission 8

The Vampiric Soulstealers are back

  • Destroy enemy Statue

Mission 9

More Deads

  • Enemy commands- dead.
  • Upgrade points-none.
  • Gifted Spells-none.

Mission 10

Destroy the enemy statue and defend your statue

Mission 11

Another Dead Attack

Mission 12

Glacial Uprising is back II

Mission 13

Ambush against the Vampric Soulstealers

Mission 14

The Borderland Flame Feeders are back II

Mission 15

The Woodland Tribes ambush

Mission 16

Curb the rebelions

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