No fair, you must be cheatin' or something!

–Z4CK, Stick War: Legacy

Z4CK is a Crown of Inamorta contestant in Stick War: Legacy. He is one of the most skilled players in the league, earning his way close to the top spot and often met by the Player in the final match.

He's generally a good sport, congratulating the player when he is defeated. However, he can be confusing to new players, as he is very experienced with the Stick War series, and regularly uses gaming jargon.

Battlefield Abilities

Z4CK is one of the most skilled players in the tournament, often set on a planned strategy that has been carefully crafted to outsmart the opponent. However, this planning also can be worked around if the enemy knows what they are doing.

However, he can also control units and use spells. These are potentially a very dangerous combination that could spice up an otherwise predictable AI.


Z4CK is a light stick figure with tall narrow eyes, furrowed brows, black curly hair, and a set of black headphones with puffy red cushions on its interior components.


  • Z4CH is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.
  • When entering a match, Z4CK says "GL HF".
  • If Z4CK uses a spell, he says "Fulminate! hehe Shout out to SE".
  • If Z4CK's statue has less than 50% health, he says "No fair, you must be cheatin' or something!"
  • If the player's statue has less than 50% health, he says "Shoutout to my stream thanks for the donations guys!"
  • When he loses, Z4CK parts with the player by saying "Nicely done I almost had you!"
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