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"Effortless style."

–Zane, Stick War: Legacy


Zane is a Crown of Inamorta contestant in Stick War: Legacy. He has low-to-moderate skill in the league, and can usually be defeated by the player easily.

He has a distant personality, not saying much to the player, or directly congratulating the player when he is defeated. He may slightly flaunt his victory if he wins, however. He usually talks in stereotypical teenager skater slang.

Battlefield Abilities 

Zane is one of the most moderate players in the tournament, often set on a strategy consisting mainly of Swordwraths and Archidons. However, he also occasionally trains a Spearton to join his army.

Zane can control units, although he is not very skilled with them. The most common occurrence of him possessing a unit is when that unit is already locked on to the player's statue. Like many other moderate A.I. players, he doesn't use any spell except Archidon Rain.


Zane appears to be an avid skater. He wears a backward baseball cap and has a smug smile on his face.


  • When entering a match, he says. "Lets do this. GL."
  • If he uses a spell, he says, "Style for miles."
  • If his statue is at 50% HP, he says, "This is getting sketchy."
  • If the player's statue is at 50% HP, he says, "Effortless style."
  • If the player destroys his statue, he says, "Don't worry I'll land on both feet."
  • If he destroys the player's statue, he says, "Ripper session dude."


  • Zane is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.